Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Final Twilight

You can't spell summer without TwiCon!
For the past two months my senses have been overloaded as I attended all but one of the Twilight Concert Series shows. (I missed Big Boi and Chromeo for a family vacation) I was smothered by the crowds at Modest Mouse. (Worst crowds of any show I have ever been to) I moshed with the herds at Girl Talk. (Also receiving my first real second-hand marijuana high) I was wowed by Beirut and uber-wowed by the New Pornogrpahers. Sharon Jones melted my face. I discovered some great new bands. (Memory Tapes, The Dodos, and Jamie Lidell) TwiCon has become my favorite part of summer and 2010 surpassed 2009. I can't wait until next year! Here are some pics from the final show: She & Him.

The Dum Dum Girls, who opened the show. Their look freaked me out but they actually impressed me. I'm easily impressed, but still, a good show in my book.

Here is our little group. The odds were in mine and Ben's favor. And not in favor.

Kasie and Nicole with Nicole's friends. I don't remember your names, but if you ever stumble across this blog and read this post, you are great. The End.

Kasie, Ben, Nicole, and random dude get their mischievous face on.

Gwen did not want her picture taken and decided the best defense was, of course, karate.

But she lightened up once I got in the shot.

She & Him came out and played their music, which is all light, fluffy, similar songs. Simultaneously boring and good.

Most everyone was there to get a good look at Zooey Deschanel, movie star of Elf, 500 Days of Summer, and Yes Man fame. She did not disappoint in the music department. Or in the looks department.

Although I was happy to see Zooey (the She), I was even more happy to see M.Ward (the Him). He takes a backseat during most of their songs, but on a few occasions he took center stage and shredded. My overall feeling about the concert was a desire for a lot for Him and a little less She.