Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It

If you love Michael, go see this movie. That is all I can say. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ernest Scared Stupid

I am not a man of many holiday traditions but there are two such traditions that I hold on to above all else. They are watching Christmas Vacation in December and Ernest Scared Stupid in October. Everything else is just details. (jk family mems I like all your parties, too.) Last night, my roommates and I watched Ernest to officially get us in the Halloween mood. The movie is (for lack of a better word) stupid, but I love it. Here is a clip where Ernest faces off with Trantor the evil troll who turns the children of Briarville into wooden dolls:

(great line for fans of the show:)
Nuh uh, ain't no trees in Botswana, nuh uh, I know, I AM a Botswanian lumberjack, and I ain't never had a job...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

By Popular Demand...

For those not of the Facebook world, here are the infamous Halloween costume pics for our ward party last night. I was going to wait until Halloween to post these, but I figure it won't hurt to double dip in the cross-dressing goodness.

Shining like a magical beam of sunlight

Showing off a little leg.

With my roommates Jake (L) and Mark (R)


Pulling. It. Off.

An Open Letter to All the Ladies in the World

Dear Women,

I have known you for quite some time and we have always had a good relationship. We've had some good times, shared a few laughs, you've done your thing and I have done mine. For the past twenty four years, I thought that I understood you. In the past two days I have learned that i had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what kind of pain you put your self through. Let me explain.

Case #1: Sunday, I allowed my sister to wax part of my leg, just to see how it felt and say that I did it. Wow. That hurt really bad. Like, really bad. That section of leg is still burning and covered in tiny red dots. I can only imagine (and I would not like to imagine) how bad it would have hurt to have done that to my entire leg. But, this may not be an all-encompassing fact. Which brings me to...

Case #2: Yesterday, as part of my Halloween costume, I wore a dress. I have worn make-up and tights, but this marred my first foray into the dress-wearing world. As I ventured out into society, approximately 1.2 million questions came into my head. How do I get into a car? How do I get out of a car? How do I sit? How do I get back up again? How do I stand? How do I walk up stairs? How do I get a good twirl going? How on earth would it ever be possible to pick up an object that has fallen to the ground? Somehow you know all the answers to these questions and I applaud you for that. But, I am not done yet. There is still one more thing that causes me to stand in awe more than the rest.

Case #3: The shoes. I found a sweet pair of platform-ish shoes for my costume. They fit perfectly and I could not believe my great luck. Unfortunately, my joy was quickly wiped away. Within an hour of walking around in those shoes, my dogs were barking and my piggies were squealing more than I could handle. When I finally came home and took my shoes off, the euphoria ranked among the greatest single-second moments of my life. And you do this all day, every day? Bravo. Hats off. Well done.

In conclusion, I don't want to be you but I appreciate you a lot more. I'm not sure if putting yourself through all this to attract the opposite sex, or if it is just fueled by social norms. So the next time I see you walking around pulling off a fabulous dress/shoes combo, there will be a hint of appreciation mixed with whatever other feelings I might get. I can say that I have walked in those shoes. Literally. And it sucked.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Cody Titmus

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Losing a Thousand Leg Hairs Yet Gaining One Sister

So apparently my last blog title was a bit confusing to some of those readers. Apparently, it seemed like I was excited about the wait being over to see my sister, not for Rihanna to release her new CD. I guess through blogging I show where my true priorities lie. (Just kidding, Shay) In all honesty, I am super excited for my sis to be home from her mission. See...

... even though I look like Snidley Whiplash, you can tell I am excited! Today we had her homecoming party and it was great to hang out with her and the rest of my family/friends. Lucky for her before she is even home for a week she is heading off to Thailand. That's right, Thailand. The country. Hopefully when she gets back from there, we can play. Also, in some what related news, I visited my other sister's waxing salon today.

I decided it would be harmless for her to wax my uni-brow... stung a little...

...and claimed a few casulties.

Then, my cousins decided we should take things a little bit further. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Wait is (Almost) Ova

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hocus Frocus

Being a wild and untamed force of man, I have used the past couple months to allow my hair and beard to grow free as nature intended them to. When my hair grows out, I can puff it up into a cute mini-fro that has given me several ideas for a Halloween costume. Without further introduction, here are my top 4 choices with the cons each one brings to the table: (I think the pros are self-explanatory, no?)

Option A: Gene Shalit

Cons: My moustache is not nearly long enough.
His hair is not really a 'fro, but it's close.
Black hair dye.
Option B: Ronald Mc Donald
Cons: The makeup alone would make this costume a nightmare.
Big red shoes.
I'm looking for a costume that will make people laugh, not wet themselves.
Option C: Bob Ross
Cons: How many people know who Bob Ross is?

Option D: Annie
Cons: Wearing a dress.
People asking me to sing.
Miss Hannigan making me scrub her bathroom floors with a toothbrush.

Please cast your vote or let me know if there is another fro-tastic costume you have in mind!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey, It's Me Again

To make up for my lack of blogging, I've thrown together some random mini-posts to let you know what has been going on in my "life" lately.

  • The Passion Pit concert turned out to be one of the biggest fiascos in my life since Iron Man. We drove all the way to Salt Lake from Logan only to find the concert had sold out. Why did we not buy tickets you ask? I honestly have no reasonable explanation for that. Luckily, the night was semi-salvaged because this happened...
...Crown Burger baby! It's right there with Dairy Keen and Maple Express in the Holy Trinity of Utah restaurants. It can turn any frown upside down. (Sidebar: We ate here before we found out the concert sold out. So, technically, my huge smile was flipped into a frown. But I'm not bitter.)
  • I finally broke out of my Bad Movies at Work funk when Mystic River came on AMC. I tell you what, that is a good movie.

  • Kelsha and Krista roped me into filming a movie for a club in our major. I can't speak for the movie itself, but my acting is bad. Not a talent of mine at all.

  • My roommates and I have become frequent visitors of the new Texas Roadhouse in Logan. (That's right, suckers, we're legit) I'm not sure how this came to be or how it will effect a college student's checkbook, but we're still going to roll with it anyway.

  • My little sister finally gets home from her mission on Tuesday. I can't say that I envy her as she know enters the awkward/what's my purpose in this world?/speaking in church every week phase of her life. Have fun with that. Plus I miss her and am excited to see her again and all that yada.

  • Finally, the long wait is nearing it's end as Rihanna has announced the date of her new album. November 23rd. I'm more pumped than Hans and Frans for that day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No, This Isn't A Mac Commercial

I know I have been a slacker lately. Until I can gather some coherent thoughts here is a great YouTube clip promoting love, peace, and harmony. If you don't smile at least once, you are hopeless, my friend.

And yeah, I know the Chinese kids kinda did this allready.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Gets Worse...

...or better, whichever you decide. Early Sunday morning, HBO was playing this fine gem of a flick:

And I watched it. Heaven help me. I think I will stay away from the TV today.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

CreepMazing VII

Here is Passion Pit w/ Sleepyhead. They will be @ Urban Lounge this Wednesday. Can't wait.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I Heart Ricky

Today is Friday and Friday is movie day. There hasn't been much to be excited about at the movies lately, which is why I am glad Ricky Gervais has come to the rescue with "The Invention of Lying". To be honest, I haven't laughed too much at the promos, but I have learned to never doubt Ricky Gervais. He brought us "The Office", he was hilarious in "Ghost Town", and he was even funny in crap like "Night at the Museum" and "Stardust". This summer, I watched all of his HBO series "Extras" and loved it. Here is a short clip from that show where he gives a racist exam to his good friend:

Here's hoping "Lying" offers up more of the same.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Was So Slow At Work Today That...

...I found my self watching Kit Kittredge: An American Girl on HBO for at least a half hour before I realized what I was doing to myself. Kit Flippin' Kittredge. That would be this movie:

Wow. I wish I were making that up, but it really happened and I'm scared.