Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creepy Amazing Music Video

So I am trying to get this blogging thing down better and today I am going to try posting a video. Straight outta Brooklyn, Grizzly Bear is one of the best indie bands putting out music today. Their new album, Veckatimest, comes out today. Two Weeks is the first single off the album and is one of the most hauntingly beautiful tunes I have heard in quite some time. Watching the music video brings a few words to my mind 1) Bizzare 2) Creepy 3) Strange 4) Weird 5) Awesome.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Awesome Web Site

Please if you value your need to laugh, get out of my blog and go to awkwardfamilyphotos.com. I'm serious. I am usually not the kind of person who laughs to himself in public, but I just spent the last half hour at work chuckling hysterically at some of the pictures on this site. Still not convinced? Here is a little gem for ya:

Do you understand now? There are a hundred more just like this one. This site just got started so it can only get better and better. Go. Go now and laugh your face off.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who Let The Hippos Out?

Today I went to Utah's famous Hogle Zoo. It was the first time I had been there in almost ten years and I must say I had a great time. The giraffes were great, the elephants were awesome, and the monkeys were up to their normal hijinks. There were a lot of new exhibits and I was impressed by the reasonably priced food although I didn't buy any. I did leave with one lingering question that I cannot get off my mind.

Where were the hippos?

As a child, I remember the dark, dank abyss that was the hippo exhibit. It was made of wall-to-wall concrete with non-existent lighting. It wasn't somewhere I liked going alone, but I always had to go there because, well, hippos are cool. I remember a few regular hippos and a pygmy one. Did they ever do anything cool? Nope. They swam. But I loved 'em and I was quite devastated not to see them today. So tell me Hogle Zoo, where the hippos at? Too pricey? Too angry? Too awesome?

:( = me at the zoo without hippos

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Days of Summer

Are you ready? Today is the day. The Revenge of the Sith. The Rise of the Lycans. The Return of the King. How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Cody Titmus has a blog and you are never going to hear the end of it. I have always considered myself an outspoken introvert and what better way to quitely voice my opinions that by typing them for the eyes of only the few willing to take the time to actually read this. (Kelsha, Krista, Bria) Sounds fun! So it kick of the blog-ness I decided to list my Top Ten reasons to why I started a blog:
1) Self- indulgence
2) I think I am funny (prove me wrong you nay-sayer!)
3) Talk about cool stuff that I am doing that you are not
4) Awesome music featurettes
5) Unlimited free speech to profess my un-dying love to the BK Lounge.
6) When I am tired of self-indulgence, more self-indulgence
7) Recipes. (HA! I gotcha on that one. But really, I will just be talking about Burger King.)
8) Sportz
9) Sharing cute stories about my cat, Daisy Lilac McButtons.
10) I love me some me

Should I have done that countdown backwards. Go on, discuss. Well kids, that is all. Get ready for some mass bloggage. As my boy Rafiki once said, "It is time."