Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Over.

Every Jazz season begins the exact same way. Hope. We think about the way our team has grown and improved from the year before. We think that this could finally be the year the Basketball Gods smile upon us and grant us that elusive NBA championship. We stick with the team through all the ups (D.Will an All-Star!) and downs(Timberwolves? Kings? Really?). We throw down massive coin for game tickets, jerseys, and Dippin' Dots (Bad economy is not bringin' their prices down. No sir.). We get amped for the playoffs. We get ticked when Jerry gets snubbed for coach of the year. Sadly, the last three seasons have ended the exact same way. By getting bounced from the playoffs by the hated L.A. Lakers.

Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of our team. We faced adversity and injuries and had a very good season. But, it really sucks losing in the playoffs. It sucks worse losing to a team that already has over a dozen titles. And it sucks even more even you have to watch said loss in person with hundreds of their fans screaming and taunting from every direction. At least we had this one shining moment in our day of darkness-

It takes awhile to get over losses like this, but I am not giving up. I will cheer on the Jazz until I'm dead. I'll talk myself into our chances next season. I will watch the draft lottery with my fingers crossed that somehow we can land the missing ingredient to our title hopes. (Who might that be, you ask? No idea.) And when I think back on the 2009-2010 season there is one thing I will always remember....

Thanks Sundy!
Go Jazz! 2011 Baby!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big Finish

OK.....so this post is really really late and coming at a really bad time. But some stories just have to be blogged and this is one of them. Last week, my sister Shalane and I went to Game 6 of the Jazz-Nuggets series.

Here we are! The lady in the blue D.Will jersey texting behind us was sooooooo annoying. But this post is not about her.

Here we are again. Our mother hooked us up with pretty good seats. Also, my little arm looks quite creepy in this pic. This post is not about my creepy little arm though.

The crowd was electric. Going to a playoff game is an entirely different experience than any other game. You will see why in just a second when I get around to what this post is really about.

The Jazz pulled off the win and advanced to the second round. Past Cody was really excited about all of this. Current Cody is really frustrated that we are down 0-2 to the Lakers already. Future Cody will hopefully see a big comeback. But this post is not really about all the Codys.

So what this post is really about is what happened after the game. Two rows in front of us, there were three rowdy, drunk, immature Jazz fans. Eight rows behind us, there were three rowdy, drunk, immature Nuggets fans. Following the game, these two groups met each other. Words were exchanged. A Jazz fan pushed a Nuggets fan. Nuggets fan did not like that. Jazz fan pushed him again and it was on. Punches started flying. A valiant (and elderly) usher tried to break up the fight and got pummeled. A few people got into the mix to help out the usher and we soon had an all-out brawl on our hands. It was a big mess but I remember seeing a lady kick a guy in the head and another guy fell down four rows of seats. I literally thought he was going to fall out of the upper bowl. Instead of fight, flight, or freeze, I decided to record. (Unfortunately, a guy who looked the Big Show came and stood next to me during the filming and I got scared and stopped recording after a few seconds.) Enjoy....

Doubled Down

You've no doubt seen the KFC Double Down commercials. They are all over TV and I think they are sponsoring everything that has to do with the NBA playoffs. Two pieces of chicken, two pieces of bacon, and two slices of cheese. Sounds crazy, but just like the 50 McNugget challenge and Big Mac wraps from McDonald's, the Big Country burrito from Carl's Jr., and anything new from Taco Bell, we had to try it.

Here I am taking the first bite of the Double Down. Most of my roommates went grilled, but I went all-out fried. Overall reaction: A little on the small side for the price. It tastes wonderful. Side effects make you feel like you drank a full glass of grease.

Spence taking a big healthy bite.

Mark avoided the Double Down and ordered the Wednesday special.

Without further ado...here is your new Double Down spokesmodel, my roommate Jake.

On a different note, the next day we said goodbye to my roommate Devin. I made everyone take a roommate picture (with Devin's gf Corey) because I am the emotional sort like that. Good Luck out in the real world Devin! We will miss you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nothing From Nothing

I've been having Internet trouble at home the last few days so I haven't been able to load up pictures of my recent activities. Soooooo here is a fun little ditty that has been stuck in my head all day. Try not to be happy while watching this! You can't!