Thursday, August 18, 2011


Since I have lost most of my material, time, and purpose to blog, here's another beautiful music video.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does It Feel Like A Trial...

One month from today I am going to a concert.

I know, big whoop.

This concert is going to be super special, though. It's in California, at the Hollywood Bowl. And it's The National.

Depending on the day, they are my favorite band in the world. Their music is deep, dark, haunting, soothing, sad, pensive, moody, courageous, romantic, and inspiring. They are always whatever you want them to be.

The following music video is from the song "Exile Villify", which was written for a video game. The video was created by a fan (either of the game or the band, I'm not sure) and won a contest. I know Ocarina of Time was good, but I have never been this touched by a piece of video game music.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"I'll Make Up For It Now..."

So you are singing in your car, or your shower, or while sock sliding in the kitchen....

Your voice is melding perfectly with Elton John's, or Beyonce's, or Evanescence's. Your mind is running wild. The crowd loves you. This is your moment. Time for the high note...

And your voice cracks. Or you mess up the lyrics.

What do you do?

Do you just keep on singing like nobody is listening? (Seems like the logical choice since, in fact, no one is.) Do you restart the song so you can sing it perfectly the next time? Or do you just skip to a completely different song due to your previous failure? Curse? Smack yourself in the face? Sing nonsensical lyrics? Take a sip from your water bottle like you had been planning on that the whole time?

After a late-night drive from Logan to Salt Lake last night, I realize what I do. I apologize.

To nobody.

Finally Carl Lewis and I have something in common.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why You Can't Force A Blog Post

A have a good amount of ties that I have collected over the years.

Red ties. Blue ties. Purple ties. Pink ties. Orange ties.

I have solid ties. Striped ties. Novelty ties. I still have a few zipper ties from that very long phase of my life.

But enough of the Dr. Seuss stuff.

I don't own a single green tie.

Now, if you are still reading this, you might be thinking, "OK, why are you telling us this?" It's simple. Green is a good color for me. A redhead in green is like insta-Christmas. Win-win for everyone. I have green shirts, green sweaters, a green jacket, and a green hat. I can pull off green.

But I tell myself, at 26 years old, that I have not purchased a green tie?????

So I go to places. Department stores. Tie stores. Walmart.

I look at the green ties and I am never satisfied. The shade of green isn't right. I don't dig the striping. The comp color is weird. You know, important stuff like that. And so the search continues.

One day, perfect green tie, I will find you.

And there will be much rejoicing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Story About Russell and Me

I already told you about my magnificent night spent at the Other Lives/Rosebuds concert a few days ago.

But I didn't tell you the whole story.

Something weird happened.

During the intermission between the two bands, a man walked into the venue who looked like this...
minus the hat.

Meet Russell, an 82-year old ready to rock it out with a bunch of music aficionados, hipsters, and drunk, dancing skanks.

Weird, you say, Badgers? It was. But we are just getting started.

Walking into the room, Russell singled me out, put his arm around me and remarked, "Here's a cool guy right here!"

Right you are, Russ. I am a cool guy.

Then things got uncomfortable.

Russell decided to tell me all the details of his night (art, dancing, and wine tasting) while he continued to have his arm around me and alternated between rubbing my arm and my flank.

For ten minutes.

Yeah, I didn't feel like there was any romantic/sexual intentions on Russell's behalf. He was pretty sauced and really, really old.

I've never been so happy for a band to start, ever.