Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does It Feel Like A Trial...

One month from today I am going to a concert.

I know, big whoop.

This concert is going to be super special, though. It's in California, at the Hollywood Bowl. And it's The National.

Depending on the day, they are my favorite band in the world. Their music is deep, dark, haunting, soothing, sad, pensive, moody, courageous, romantic, and inspiring. They are always whatever you want them to be.

The following music video is from the song "Exile Villify", which was written for a video game. The video was created by a fan (either of the game or the band, I'm not sure) and won a contest. I know Ocarina of Time was good, but I have never been this touched by a piece of video game music.


Chess said...

My friends hate you. They don't know it, but they're super jealous of you. They love The National.

BCWood said...

Dude, I'm not a fan of this new "center" format you're rocking. Still, thy will, not mine, be done.